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About Acclaim Software Ltd

Acclaim Software, which was founded in 1995, is a software development firm based in New Zealand. Their software is sold in over twenty countries around the world. They have two divisions, imaging software and accounting software.

Their imaging division has developed Focus Magic which was the first commercially available product to re-focus blurred images with a reversing formula. Focus Magic continues to be the worlds leading product in this field. The vision for Focus Magic is to broaden it into a suite of image restoration filters which are both easy to use, and very effective in repairing photos with defects.

The accounting software division has developed and sells Cashbook Complete primarily to the New Zealand small business market. Cashbook Complete is also the leader for its chosen market (keep-it-simple accounting).

The Focus Magic Story

Focus Magic has been developed over a period of several years by a team at Acclaim Software lead by Eric Schwerzel. Although Version 1.0 was released in December 2000, it still had major technical difficulties to overcome, including:-

  1. How to minimize the generation of noise in the focused image
  2. How to get rid of the "water color" side effect
  3. How to minimize or prevent haloing in the image
  4. How to make the image processing faster
  5. How to minimize the memory used
  6. How to make the algorithm forgiving of inaccurate input data

It took another two and a half years for the Focus Magic team to resolve these problems. About a year was spent on optimizing the focusing code using AMD's Code Analyst software. The inner-most loops have been written in assembler and tuned for maximum speed. The remainder of the speed issue will lessen with time as CPU speeds increase.

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"Your software is absolutely 'Magic'. I scanned several old family pictures, and am astounded by the improvement in them by putting them through Focus Magic. An excellent product. Will there be upgrades? If so, will you notify me? Great product - if you require commendations for advertising purposes, please contact me. I will most certainly recommend your product to anyone who uses computers for digital pictures." - Rodney Taylor