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Motion Blur Tutorial – Where Are Those Architraves?

Here we have a girl going down a hill in a go-cart. The photographer did a great job in panning with the girl so that she is not blurred. We will have a look at the house in the background to see what Focus Magic can do.

With this example we will use the trial and error approach. By zooming into the trees we get the following.

It is clear that this image has motion blur. The blur direction looks like it is about 45 degrees so we start off with that setting. After entering that setting, the line next to the Blur Direction setting is not quite the same direction as the streaks so we reduce it back to 40 degrees.

Blur Distance = 5
Blur Distance = 10
Blur Distance = 15

Next we increase the Blur Distance until the corrected image looks about right. The streak at the bottom left hand corner has become a dot and the architraves are clearly visible.

If you want to experiment, you can download the whole image from here.

For an audio-visual presentation of this tutorial, click here.

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