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How to Install Focus Magic for GraphicConverter

Please follow the steps below to install the Focus Magic plug-in for GraphicConverter.

  1. Download Focus Magic for GraphicConverter: (1.2MB)
  2. In some cases, your operating system may automatically extract the plugin file from the ZIP file. If that doesn't happen automatically, open the "ZIP" file to extract "FocusMagic64.plugin" file.
  3. Copy the "FocusMagic64.plugin" file
  4. Go to: Finder > Go > Go to Folder
  5. Type this: ~/Library
  6. Click the Go button, then navigate to: /Application Support/GraphicConverter/Plug-ins
  7. Paste the "FocusMagic64.plugin" file into that folder

Note: If you only see one filter option for Focus Magic (eg. Fix Motion Blur, but not Fix Out-of-Focus Blur), you'll need to download GraphicConverter 8.8 (or newer) from Lemke Software's web site: